Thursday, November 18, 2010

And so it began...

Winter that is.  In case you hadn't heard, winter has hit the prairies and boy did it come in strong.  It has been snowing for three days straight after a amazingly warm and extended fall.  The kids love it!  I must admit it is nice to play in the snow and I don't even mind shovelling it yet!  And it means that all my left over chores for the garden will have to wait until the spring so I get a nice reprieve.  Yes, those are my sunflowers still standing in the back corner of my yard with about 6 inches of snow on them.  Now they are my winter sentinels.

 And my first seed catalogue have come in the mail!  Ah, the planning for next year has begun...I can picture it already...I'll have the most lush overflowing annual planters and a vegetable garden to die for!  The anticipation is the most fun!  But for now we snuggle inside our warm houses, put on some nice music, do some crafts and bake cookies while we settle in for the long cold winter ahead.