Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Bloomin' Wednesday

Ack! We are drowning! There has been so much rain this year and it is cold! I wish it was summer. Well, at least I don't need to water. I thought that I would show some more pictures of my annuals since they are pretty much the only things bloomin' at the moment. Well, I do also have a most fantastic tulip blooming. It is called Angelique and it is angelic. Most of the others have faded. I'll have to plant something so she'll have more company next year...maybe siberian iris? Do they come in pale yellow? Hmmm, I'll have to think about it. But on to my annuals...

Most of them are in pots as I've mentioned before. Here are the two window boxes:

Then I have my hanging baskets. They are looking a little droopy from the rain we've had lately. I know we should be happy for what rain we get here in the "high and dry", but I gotta admit, even I am wishing for a bit of dry. Hopefully it'll warm up a bit and then everything will start growing. The cold weather just seems to cause a standstill in the garden.

Then I have my vegetable garden. I barely have carrot and beet sprouts and I'm worried that the corn we planted will rot because of all the cold. But the peas are doing ok. I have to get my trellis out.

And the cosmos are blooming! So pretty! I love the delicate foliage almost as much as the flowers!

Of course, while it is raining, it is still no excuse not to get work done in the yard. My dear Handy Man has been fantastic. He spread compost on the front yard and spread some more shade tolerant grass seed (maybe this will give us the natural, lush lawn we dream of?).
He also built me this awesome new rain barrel! Looks so great! And he built a ledge for it to sit on, so that I can fit my watering cans under the spigot! Now if only we could get the fence painted...

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