Sunday, October 17, 2010

So how's the garden been doing anyway?

Well, we had our first hard frost a yesterday. Time to start tidying the garden for winter. We did have a soft frost a few weeks ago and lost the rest of our tomoatoes, corn and squash, and some of the annuals too. I began looking up recipes for fried green tomatoes - do you know that the traditional recipe has them fried in bacon fat! But I digress...

The beets and carrots don't mind a bit of frost and there are still a few flowers blooming right now. Since we had such a cold wet summer, some things are a little later than usual and some things didn't flower at all. For some reason, my purple coneflower didn't make any flowers this year. I think it is in a marginally sunny spot and maybe this year she just didn't get enough sun - we had alot of rain this year!

But I just had to run out and take some pictures of the frost. It looked so cool! And it showed how some plants didn't mind it at all - like the lupin, while others look a little sad - like the beets, tomatoes and corn.

But the sunflowers did great this year and my goldenrod is flowering beautifully. And the phlox has started blooming. Love the purple! Of course, my Autumn Joy sedum is loving the autumn and my beebalm looks good. I really love fall-coloured flowers in the fall. Just seems to complement all the tress. So pretty!

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