Saturday, May 21, 2011

It's blooming day!

There is a garden blogger's bloom day tradition of posting your garden blooms on the 15th f the month, but I never seem to make it.  I either forget, have nothing blooming or just am too busy on the 15th to make a post.  So I thought that I'd just post my blooms whenever I am especially excited.  We've been very busy in the garden this week.  It has been beautiful weather!  And I am anticipating the rains to come any day now so I'm trying to get everything planed before-hand to take advantage of the free water.  So we've planted and seeded the vegetable garden and potted up a whole bunch of annuals.  I know the average last frost date isn't until the long weekend, but we've had such a slow start to spring and now it has warmed up considerably and I'm convinced that summer will be early this year.  Yeah!

the side garden - lots of perennials have popped up

tulips about to bloom with Autumn Joy sedum in the background

the raised beds - trying out some bean poles this year
lovely red tulips

bergenia about to flower


yellow tulips - the ones you see everywhere in Calgary with some cosmos I planted with them

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zone3b said...

Every day is Garden Blogger's Bloom Day!
...but I'll have to remember to post my photos next month.