Thursday, May 12, 2011

Yikes! Sorry it has been a while...

It can only mean one thing!  The weather has gotten alot better and we've been playing outside!  And it is so nice to be outside tidying up the garden and checking on all my little plants.  They are doing awesome!  And so many of the bulbs I planted in the fall are coming up, so the spring has been very successful!  We've been up to other adventures too, so hopefully there will be more posts coming soon.  Here are a few pictures of what the garden is looking like right now.

buds on the apple tree - we're about to have leaves!

tulips poking out

Auntumn Joy - sedum - looking good

the rhubarb is also looking good, time to plant my vegetable seeds soon


buds on the raspberry bushes - so exciting

some trial planters that I let over-winter, the sedums and bergenia faired quite well


Calgary Garden Coach said...

Bergenia survived in that little pot? Good to know!
Happy spring!

Nicole said...

You have strawberries! I'm curious how they will turn out. Will you have to cover them to keep the birds/squirrels away?