Monday, May 31, 2010

Bloomin' Wednesday

What is blooming in my garden today?

Most of the spring perennials are doing great. My favorite is the lungwort and bleeding heart. I really like old fashioned plants. I think because they remind me of my grandmother's garden where I used to spend my summers as a kid.

Also the tulips are doing great this year. I really like the yellow tulips with the little purple bellflowers.

Also the perennial vinca vines are flowering. I really like these ground covers. They seem to do really well in my shady front bed, even with our heavy clay soil. They spread nicely and cover all the bare patches. I will have to get some more.

Of course, the iris look really good at this time of year. I have two varieties, both given to me so I don't know what they are. These purple ones always bloom first.

Also there are a few self-seeded violas popping up. I seem to have a yellow and purple theme going on? I rather like it.

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