Sunday, May 30, 2010


I will begin by showing you a picture of the snow that has just fallen...on May 29, 2010!

Needless to say, my garden is having a slow start this year. Most of my annuals are sitting in the garage with blankets over them. I brought a few pots inside and the rest had to fend for themselves.

My cosmos that I planted look a little sad...though the sedum 'Auntumn Joy' next to them look ok. These are in a new bed that the kids and I dug. We are just waiting to be able to fill it with plants!

But my fushia are happily flowering on a window ledge...

My hope is to pot up my annuals this week when it warms up. They do say that summer is coming. Cross your fingers. I started a few annuals from seed as well as some perennials. I had been hardening them off, but I brought them back inside (since we had snow!) and so they too are sitting on a window shelf. The impatiens and lobelia are doing really well! Maybe my next post will be a summary of the plants I started from seed? Check back tomorrow!

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